Campaign to release Ashraf hostages

On 1 September 2013 Iraqi Special Forces under the command of Prime Minister Maliki attacked Camp Ashraf and murdered 52 of the 101 remaining residents and took 7 hostages. Video and eyewitness accounts leave no room to doubt that the hostages are in the hands of Iraqi government. Please write to UN Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-moon, and UN High Commissioner for Human Right, Ms Navi Pillay and ask for their intervention to save the 7 hostages.


Camp Ashraf in Iraq: Spanish court investigates a close ally of Maliki

A Spanish court investigation is to include Faleh al-Fayad, security adviser to the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. This comes in the wake of a complaint filed against him as a person responsible for serious breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention for his alleged involvement in the killings on April 8, 2011, and September 1, 2013, of protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention living in Camp Ashraf, according to the decision.

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Camp Ashraf/ Liberty

Alan Dershowitz: US must force Iraq to stop abusing Iranians dissidents in Camp Liberty

Sunday, 30 March 2014 17:14
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The United States Senate must use its power to force Iraq to stop mistreating the Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty, prominent American lawyer Alan Dershowitz has told a meeting in Washington DC.

The US was also to blame for exposing the camp's residents to 'violence, death and injury', and for failing to prevent the massacre of 52 refugees in Camp Ashraf in September last year, he told a gathering at the US Senate.


UN rights advisor: Blockade of Iranian refugee camp in Iraq constituted a war crime

Monday, 24 March 2014 16:53
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In a conference at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva on 14 March 2014, Professor Jean Ziegler, member of the Advisory Committee of the UN Human Rights Council, draw a parallel between the siege placed on Camp Liberty and that of areas under siege in Syria and said: “According to article 54 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, imposition of hunger on citizens as an act of war is prohibited” and “the Rome Statute that lays the foundation for the International Criminal Court, accentuates that intentional acts to impose hunger on citizens as a war method by depriving them of items they need in order to stay alive, is a war crime”.


Third week of food and medicine blockade of Iranian opposition members in Iraq

Wednesday, 19 March 2014 20:23
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It is over two weeks now that in an anti-human and criminal measure, government of Iraq is barring entry of medicine and food to Camp Liberty using fictitious excuses. Many of the essential foodstuffs in the camp are either completely consumed or about to be finished and the sick are facing shortage of the medicine that they need.


Over 2.5 Million Citizens From 18 Arab Countries, Call For Guaranteeing Security Of Iranian Dissidents In Camp Liberty

Monday, 17 March 2014 23:14
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Over 2.5 million citizens from 18 Arab countries signed statements calling for the safety and security of Iranian dissidents in Iraq. The signatories of this statement also strongly condemned Tehran’s meddling in Arab countries’ affairs that have continued non-stop under Rouhani’s presidency.

The statement was announced this morning by Lawyers Union for Democratic and Legal Studies in a press conference held in Cairo.


Iranians call for protection of refugees in Camp Liberty

Monday, 17 March 2014 23:13
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Groups of Iranians living in Canadian cities of Ottawa and Montreal gathered outside U.S. consulates calling for action to protect Iranian refugees in Iraq and free the seven Camp Ashraf residents abducted by Iraqi force on September 1.

The protesters called on U.S. and U.N. to end silence and inaction about the plight of Iranian refugees in Iraq whom they have promised to protect.


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