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Camp Ashraf in Iraq: Spanish court investigates a close ally of Maliki

A Spanish court investigation is to include Faleh al-Fayad, security adviser to the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. This comes in the wake of a complaint filed against him as a person responsible for serious breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention for his alleged involvement in the killings on April 8, 2011, and September 1, 2013, of protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention living in Camp Ashraf, according to the decision.

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Stevenson: Ethnic, religious minorities persecuted in Iran

Wednesday, 28 October 2015 10:58
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The mullahs' regime in Iran is systematically persecuting ethnic and religious minorities, former European lawmaker Struan Stevenson said on Saturday at a conference in Istanbul on Minority Rights in Iranian Society.

"Iran is a deeply corrupt country. Its fascist leadership thrives on oppression. Iran has many ethnic minorities - Azeris, Kurds, Arabs and Baluchis, among others. Also there are many religious minorities: The Sunnis live in many parts of Iran and are believed to number over 10 million. There also Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians and Baha'is," said Mr. Stevenson, a former President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq and the current President of the European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA).


“Women in Iran are becoming vocal in efforts to overcome misogyny”

Saturday, 20 June 2015 21:58
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Mrs. Houri SeyyediIranian women are becoming more vocal and determined in their efforts to overcome “misogynist” laws in Iran under the mullahs’ rule, an official of the Iranian Resistance has said.

Mrs. Houri Seyyedi, discussed the situation of women’s rights in a live Question and Answer session on Friday broadcast on (NCRI Women’s Committee), with international journalists and rights activists posing questions via Twitter.


Iran: 115 executions in two weeks

Friday, 27 February 2015 10:38
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DarThe murderous mullahs fascism has sharply increased executions to delay its fall

Following the wave of executions in different cities in Iran, the anti-human clerical regime sent another 30 prisoners to the gallows from April 22 to April 26. Nine prisoners were collectively hanged on April 22 in Vakil Abad prison in Shiraz. On April 23, sixteen other prisoners in Bandar Abbas, Kerman and Jiroft were executed. On April 25 and 26, three prisoners in Rasht prison and two other prisoners were executed in the cities of Zanjan and Abhar.



Human rights, the fundamental of dealing with Iran

Thursday, 05 June 2014 16:42
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Ask the wrong question, and one is certain to arrive at the wrong conclusion.

Which came first? When the latest round of negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program ended in Vienna, reports from both sides indicated that there had been no progress to speak of. Reactions to the failure of those talks were diverse, with some officials striving to maintain optimism in advance of the July 20 deadline for a final agreement, while others admit that that optimism has been overblown and that the deadline may need to be extended.


Howard Dean: US should honour its principles, protect Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 09:35
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America should protect the 3,000 residents of Camp Liberty and not 'sell them out' during the nuclear negotiations, former US Governor Howard Dean has told a conference in Paris.

Iran had already lied about its aim of obtaining a nuclear bomb and the US should not tarnish itself and undermine its standing in the world by making deals with people who will not keep their word, he said in a speech on April 12.


Speech by MEP Struan Stevenson - EP conference of Iran, April 9

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 09:33
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Catherine Ashton’s ill-judged visit to Tehran last month to appease the mullahs, fell apart almost before she stepped off the plane, as news emerged of Israel intercepting a ship from Iran carrying dozens of long-range surface-to-surface rockets, assault weapons and hundreds of thousands of bullets, destined for terrorists linked with the Iranian regime in Gaza. Iran is the world’s leading exporter and bankroller of terrorists and their cat and mouse attempts to persuade Ashton and others that they have no intention of producing nuclear weapons is farcical.


Tom Ridge: UN has 'failed miserably' to protect Iranian dissidents in Liberty concentration camp

Thursday, 27 March 2014 18:48
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The United Nations has 'failed miserably' to protect Iranian dissidents at Camp Liberty before moving them to safe havens abroad, former US Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge has told a meeting in US Senate in Washington DC.

He branded Camp Liberty a 'concentration camp' where Iranian residents are under daily threat of attack from Iraqi forces guarding the camp.


Editorial: Iran’s busy hangmen

Friday, 21 March 2014 21:20
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In this picture released by an official website of the office of the Iranian supreme leader, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a speech, in Tehran, Iran, Monday, Feb. 17, 2014. Iran's top leader backs the continuation of nuclear negotiations with the West but says he doubts they will succeed. (AP Photo/Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader)

Washington Times -- The mullahs wear out their rope as a ‘service to humanity’

The hangman is out of work in most of the West. Even in the United States, where several states are searching for more “compassionate” ways to kill, capital punishment is not as popular as it used to be.

The mullahs in Iran are as enthusiastic as ever in meting “justice” at the end of a rope. International human rights groups are raising protests, but the mullahs vow no mercy, but continued repression, ever harsher.


Carlile calls on UK to welcome 52 Iranian refugees

Saturday, 01 February 2014 15:56
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FORMER Welsh Liberal Democrat Alex Carlile is calling for the UK to welcome 52 Iranian refugees who are living under a “death warrant” in Iraq.

Yesterday, he met with leading figures of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in France and described his fears for dissidents who fled to Iraq and now live in the former US military base Camp Liberty.

The leading QC said that Albania had admitted 200 of the Iranians, adding: “Albania is a country of only three million people.


The violence in Iran against the opposition and others continues to grow day to day

Saturday, 01 February 2014 15:54
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From January to December 2013, at least 660 prisoners were executed in Iran, with 430 of them put to death after the charade of the June 14 election - however many executions carried out inside prisons go unreported. The executions in 2013 included: 25 women, two men aged 20 and 23 were executed for stealing the equivalent of 35 euros. three teenagers who were 12, 15 and 17 years-old at the time of their arrests, a 28-year-old whose bleeding body was hanged after he had committed suicide, a 23-year-old in Zahedan who had already died a few hours earlier of a heart attack, a woman named as 34-year-old Geitei Marami, whose body was still bleeding due to 100 lashes she received prior to her execution and the execution of a prisoner who was found to be still alive in the mortuary after his hanging.


America Must Keep Her Word on Iran

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 14:55
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By Rudy Giuliani — When Americans say we are going to do something, we do it. When we make a promise, we keep it. Our word is our bond.


Sadly, that is not the case right now regarding a group of Iranian dissidents in Iraq who are living in an extermination camp under constant threat of attack. Indeed, not only has the U.S. failed to keep its word regarding the dissidents’ safety, but so has the United Nations.


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