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Camp Ashraf in Iraq: Spanish court investigates a close ally of Maliki

A Spanish court investigation is to include Faleh al-Fayad, security adviser to the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. This comes in the wake of a complaint filed against him as a person responsible for serious breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention for his alleged involvement in the killings on April 8, 2011, and September 1, 2013, of protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention living in Camp Ashraf, according to the decision.

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Iran: Seven prisoners hanged

Friday, 27 March 2015 10:18

Hanging in IranAt least seven prisoners were hanged on Thursday in a prison in the southern city of Shiraz.

The prisoners who had been arrested on drug related charges were hanged in the city’s main prison known as Adelabad prison.


IRAN: Hundreds of petrochemical workers protest against ‘discriminatory wages’

Thursday, 26 March 2015 19:06

Petrochemical plant TabrizOver 500 Tabriz Petrochemical Company workers gathered outside the employment office in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz on Wednesday to protest against the plant’s director preventing their entry to the factory after refusing to sign contacts which they regard discriminatory.

The director of Tabriz Petrochemical Company has barred the workers from the repairs and maintenance department from entering the plant since the beginning of the Iranian New Year on March 21.


Iran storing 30 million barrels of oil at sea

Wednesday, 25 March 2015 22:46

Iran is storing at least 30 million barrels of oil on its fleet of supertankers as Western sanctions continue to keep a lid on sales, tanker market sources say.

Sanctions have halved the Iranian regime’s oil exports to just over 1 million barrels per day since 2012. Higher Iranian oil exports are likely to put more pressure on weak global oil prices, Reuters reported.


IRAN: Young worker killed under torture after being arrested during New Year festivities

Monday, 23 March 2015 19:28

Demonstrations at the Fire FestivalThe Iranian regime’s henchmen killed a young laborer under torture after his arrest last Tuesday shortly before the Fire Festival marking the beginning of the New Year celebrations in Iran.

Mr. Mohsen Maleki, 25, who worked in a sweet shop was arrested on March 17, but his body was handed over to his family the next day with fractures, hematomas and injuries covering his face and various parts of his body.


Iran faces dangerous water crises

Sunday, 22 March 2015 11:01

IZayandehrudran's reservoirs are only 40 percent full according to official figures, and nine cities which includes the capital Tehran are threatened with water restrictions after dry winter.

Several major bodies of water in the region have all but dried up, including the Zayanderud River and Orumiyeh Lake.



IRAN: Two more hanged in public

Thursday, 19 March 2015 17:04

Hangings in Jiroft 18th of MarchTwo men have been hanged in public in the Iranian city of Jiroft ahead of the regime's New Year celebrations.

The executions were carried out using a crane and mechanical fork loader in one of the city's main squares, with armed men guarding from rooftops around the area.


IRAN: Dozens of soccer spectators protesting against regime arrested in Ahvaz

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 20:14

Arrests in AhvazA large group of residents of southern Iranian city of Ahvaz who protested against the clerical regime during a soccer match were arrested on Tuesday

The spectators attending soccer match between Foulad of Khuzestan and Al-Halal of Saudi Arabia expressed their rage and loath against regime’s repressive measures, especially the repression against the people of Khuzestan.


IRAN – FIRE FESTIVAL: Khamenei pictures set on fire, 10 arrested in western city’

Tuesday, 17 March 2015 20:53

Fire Festival in 2014Fire Festival – Statement No. 4

Political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison chant “Death to dictator”

NCRI - The political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, face-to-face with the clerical regime, held the Fire Festival in their cells and jumped over a small fire they had resourcefully set inside the cell chanting “Death to dictator”. In a measure to ratchet up pressure on the prisoners and bar them from holding the ceremony, prison’s henchmen had prevented prisoners from going out of their cells since Tuesday morning, March 17.

Similarly, in the city of Karaj, the youth held the Fire Festival and wrote the slogan of “Death to the principle of velayat-e faqih” on the city walls to express their loath for the religious fascism ruling Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - March 18, 2015            Photo from archive


Fire Festival – No. 3

In the city of Mahabad a clash broke out between the youth and the suppressive security forces that were preventing the holding of the Fire Festival.

Regime’s elements that were unable to confront the youth brought in reinforcement. The clashes led to the arrest of 10 of the youth.

In the city of Zanjan, the security forces are deployed at city’s intersections and conduct body search of the youth. In Mashhad, five buses of agents and 100 motorcycle riders are stationed in street 600 near Khayyam. The agents search those who pass by.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - March 17, 2015


Fire Festival – Statement No. 2

Valiant youth of Tehran in Velenjak district set picture of the bloodthirsty Khomeini on fire while the youth in Esfahan did the same to Khamenei’s picture in that city.

In Tehran in Tehranpars Falakeh numbers one and two, around Haft Hoz, at Sarsabz Narmak intersection, in Ariashahr (Sadeqiyah), Sa’adatabad, alleys in the vicinity of Shariati and Bahar streets, under the Hafez Bridge, in Nav’vab, Beryanak, Pirouzi, Parastar and in Jolfa district near Mohseni Square people held the Fire Festival and after darkness set in one could constantly hear the noise of fire crackers and sound grenades. At Tajrish Square toward Mirdamad, herds of suppressive forces are conducting patrols and setting up check points.

In the city of Bushehr at the bazaar, in district 22nd of Bahman in Bandar Abbas, and at various places in Langeroud, people also held the Fire Festival.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - March 17, 2015


Iranians defy mullahs, mark Fire Festival

Iranians are defying the clerical regime to celebrate the "Festival of Fire," a nearly 4,000-year-old Persian tradition, The Associated Press reported.

In Tehran, people lit bonfires in public places, set off fireworks and sent wish lanterns floating into the night sky as part of an annual ritual.

The holiday comes ahead of Nowruz, the Persian new year, which will be celebrated on March 21.

Fire Festival – Statement No. 1

This afternoon, March 17, face-to-face with the mullahs’ regime, people in various cities of Iran held the Fire Festival ceremony despite threats and security and military provisions by suppressive forces. People turned this ceremony into a protest and confrontation with the anti-human clerical regime. As darkness set, noise of sound grenades, as well as fire crackers and bon fires, were heard and seen all over Tehran and the vast majority of cities throughout the country.

Despite the deployment of suppressive forces in different places in the city of Shiraz, the noise of handmade grenades and fire crackers could be heard from every corner of the city. City’s main terminal is the center for this ceremony.

In Qassemabad, Ahmadabad and Tollab districts in city of Mashhad noise of constant explosions are heard.

In the city of Zanjan, the noise of handmade grenades and fire crackers is continuously heard from various parts of the city including the city center, Northern and Southern Sa’adi, Rasht Gate, Homayoun Road, Sabzeh Square, Chamran Boulevard, and Safa Street.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - March 17, 2015


IRAN: Repression of minorities continues

Saturday, 14 March 2015 16:02

According to reports received, many members of Baha'i community were arrested on Sunday, March 8 in the city of Varamin. One of those arrested was identified as Ms. Laleh Mahdinéjad.

The agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) conducted a search at the home of Mrs. Mahdinéjad. These officers conducted a full inspection of her home and seized a number of documents and personal effects and arrested several of her Baha'i friends.


UN Geneva HQ - Call to end public executions in Iran

Friday, 13 March 2015 20:17

Vidal Quadras in the UNOn Thursday 12 March, Dr Alejo Vidal-Quadras, President of the International Committee in Search of Justice (ISJ) and former Vice-President of European Parliament (1999-2014) was the key-note speaker in a conference held at Palais de Nations, the UN Headquarters in Geneva, on the deteriorating situation of human rights in Iran.

In his speech, Vidal-Quadras said: “Iran, under the so called moderate Rouhani, has executed many more prisoners than Ahmadinejad during the same period. In fact, it is number one in the world for the highest number of executions per capita with 1300 or 1400 executions during Rouhani’s term.”


IRAN: Repression against protesting teachers intensifies

Friday, 13 March 2015 09:38

Teachers protesting in Sanandaj 1st of MarchIn recent days, several teachers who participated in the Sunday, March 8 protest in the cities of Tehran and Karaj have been summoned by the courts and by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and faced interrogations.

In particular, four members of the Teachers' Union in the city of Karaj (located at the west of Tehran) were summoned to the city’s "Revolutionary Court" and the regime's agents asked them to commit to no longer participating in union activities.


Maryam Rajavi: Women’s power is greatest challenger to Islamic fundamentalism

Sunday, 08 March 2015 20:58

International Womens Day Berlin 2015

Excerpts of speech by Mrs Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) at International Women’s Day conference held in Berlin on March 7, 2015 attended by over a hundred women personalities from five continents:

In the past two centuries, our world has time and again reached new heights in large measure due to women’s equality movements. I mean women’s landmark movement for suffrage, their efforts to obtain individual rights and freedoms, including the right to education, to property, to divorce, to inheritance, to equal pay, increasing participation quota of women in economic and political institutions, and their selfless struggle in the framework of liberation movements which have fought against dictatorship.



Iran regime hangs women on eve of International Women's Day

Monday, 09 March 2015 12:59

Women's prisonAt least two women were hanged to death on the eve of the International women's day in a prison in Iran.

One of the prisoners identified as Mehrnoosh Qavasi, in her fifties, was executed after serving many years in prison.


No appeasement of Tehran in the name of fighting IS, urges Iranian opposition

Monday, 09 March 2015 11:02

Internation Womens Day Berlin 2015Excerpts of a report by AFP from International Women's Day 2015 conference in Berlin, March 7, 2015 (Translated from French):

At a meeting with thousands of attendees in Berlin, the exiled Iranian opposition on Saturday called for the rejection of any appeasement towards the regime in Tehran under the pretext of fighting against the Islamic State (IS).

Maryam Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), which also includes the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), said: "It would be unrealistic to ask the arsonist to put out the fire."


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